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We strives to create extraordinary nut butters from simple, all natural ingredients to help fuel the adventurous lives of ALL people. Our nut butters are sourced from the highest quality, natural and Non-GMO ingredients. 

From savory to sweet and creamy, our premium nut butters are perfect for anyone who is looking for high quality, clean foods to fuel their adventurous life. With no added sugars or oils, it is perfectly to grab a spoon and dig in. You will never find palm oil, stevia, lecithin, or any unnecessary ingredients in our nut butters. We love to keep it clean and simple because life is already complicated enough!

Nuts & Seeds Butter Series as follow:

⭐ Almond Butter (Salt/ No Salt) (225g)

⭐ Almond Crunchy Butter (225g)

⭐ Almond Cinnamon Crunchy Butter (225g)

⭐ Hazelnut Butter (225g)

⭐ Cashew Butter (225g)

⭐ Pumpkin Seed Butter (225g)

⭐ Walnut Butter (225g)

⭐ Macadamia Butter (200g)

⭐ Pistachio Butter (200g)

⭐ Pecan Butter (200g)

⭐ Brazil Nut Butter (200g)

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Buy any 3 Nuts/Seeds butter save 5% 

Buy any 4 Nuts/Seeds butter save 7% 

Buy any 5 Nuts/Seeds butter and above save 9% 

Peanut Butter Series as follow:

⭐ Peanut Butter Smooth (360g)

Peanut Butter Chunky (360g)

Buy any 2 Peanut butter save 3% 

Buy any 3 Peanut butter save 5% 

Buy any 4 Peanut butter save 7% 

Buy any 5 Peanut butter and above save 9% 

Nut & Seed Butters

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