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Investigation The Truth About Pasteurization

Investigation The Truth About Pasteurization
Interestingly, California almonds are the only seed, nut, or fruit that are required by law to undergo a pasteurization process. This law was caused by a few salmonella outbreaks back in the early 2000’s. In order to prevent future breakouts, the Almond Board of California issued a law requiring all California almonds to be pasteurized. (This became known as the “almond rule.”)

Overall, there are two ways to pasteurize almonds: one method is to fumigate the almonds by spraying them with chemical known as propylene oxide. The other method is to use steam or dry roasting method to cleanse the almonds.

At Ketogenius Kitchen, we use steam/ dry roast pasteurized almonds 100% of the time. This is because we are dedicated to make sure that our customers only come into contact with the purest, safest foods. We have zero tolerance for chemicals like propylene oxide or glyphosate. 

Steam pasteurization is “a flash heating process using natural water steam that kills bacteria.” After steam exposure, the almonds go through a hot dehydration tunnel, which gets rid of any residual moisture from the steam. Whereas, dry roasting require heats to remove the bacteria and make the almond a bit crunchier.

In contrast, the propylene oxide used to pasteurize almonds in the “spray method” contains harmful trace ingredients that can potentially cause respiratory disease, skin irritation, and cognitive issues in consumers. We are committed to never using this harmful pasteurization method.

Remember to check the almonds pasteurization process with your supplier before you consume it. At Ketogenius Kitchen, we will only source for the purest and safest foods for our customers.

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