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Low-Carb Original Nuts & Seeds Granola

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Low-Carb Original Nuts & Seeds Granola is definitely low-carb with net carbs of 3.3g per serving. Our recipe contains a combination of mix nuts, seeds and dried mulberries which benefited our health. 

Other than natural sugar from the dried white mulberries, you will never find sugar or sugar substitute in our recipe. Again, we love to keep it clean and simple. You will be able to enjoy the natural fineness, crispiness, aroma and nutrient of each of this ingredient in a pack.


Hazelnuts: ✅ Brain enhancement ✅ Healthy bowel movement ✅ Keep skin healthy ✅ Heart Healthy

Pumpkin seeds: ✅ Good for the heart  ✅ Good source of antioxidant ✅Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Sunflower seeds: ✅ Good source of folate  ✅ Good for the heart ✅Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Almonds: ✅ Brain enhancement ✅ Glowing & youthful skin ✅ Healthy bones  ✅ Heart Healthy ✅Lower cholesterol level

Mulberries: ✅ Brain enhancement ✅ Good for the eyes ✅ Strengthen immune system ✅ Improve heart health

Ghee: ✅ Improve the absorption ability of the small intestines ✅ Decrease the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract ✅ Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids ✅ Decrease LDL cholesterol

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